Dear Lord

Lord, thank you so much  for the love you give,

You gave me breath and life and everything that I need.

Sometimes I cry to you without even a clue,

But you understand my heart more than I do.


I know that you are watching over me from up above.

Many times I made you sad with the decisions I have.

But still, you are there for me with all your love,

You are there to supply my needs, you’re the one that I have.


When I followed my human nature I know I let you down

All these years, a lot of times I made you frown

When I broke my heart, I went to you with face down

But still, you welcomed me and showed me my crown.


You told me that I am your little princess while you are the king.

I should not let anybody take it from me not even a single thing.

I should not decide for happiness that is just so fleeting.

I should look at what You and the future kingdom would bring.


And now Dear Father I am praying to you,

I will strive to please you with all that I will do.

I’ll allow You to mold me with the love You’ll imbue.

With You, I’ll be a woman of real great value.

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