From morning until evening I am preoccupied,

With tons of things to do nobody is on my side.

Being busy is one of the outlets of an empty tide.

Instead of thinking on how to forget you in just a mere stride.


How could I ever learn to move on instead of holding on?

I tried to please you but you neglect me as life goes on and on.

Whenever you need me, I’ll leave everything under the sun.

But the time when I needed you the most, I found an empty lawn.


How could I ever throw out the pain that keeps on tormenting me?

For now, I’ll try to be preoccupied but someday you will see,

I’ll turn out to be a beautiful maiden from the pain that you gave me.

For now, it is difficult but someday I know I will be!


With the pain and agony I will move on,

To improve myself and become a better person.

I will not degrade myself for this petty reason.

Now I’m inside a storm but tomorrow it will surely be a sunny season!

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