1, 2, 3… A, B, C

I just hope that being busy will just disappear in “one, two, three”

I hope that doing all of it will be as easy as “A, B, C”

‘Common, I need a life! I need time and space to read what I want to read, to write what I want to write, to dance and sing! Basically, do what I want to do.

Gone were the days when I go out with friends… Gone were the days when I leisurely watch television, or a movie – a movie? Can’t remember the last time I went to a movie house. Maybe, years ago! The most that I can watch at this point in time is the news – unscrupulous news! Just to be updated with current events and after that, I am back to my busy self.

A friend told me, “You need a man who will teach you how to relax”. I told myself, “I need to teach myself how to relax first and how to say no.”

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