The Race of Life… The Battle of Life!

Life will always be an  unsatiable journey. Let us face it, though how much we try to be contented and simple, we always want to develop – to improve! We always hunger and crave for something. Unfortunately, there are times when we could not directly get the things that we want. Most of the time, we struggle to have it, yet we fall, and we fail – again and again. Then we were dumped in the mud of anguish and hypocrisy as we try to continuously put on a facade of happiness and contentment. In reality, neither are we happy nor contented. In reality, our hearts gnaw with pains that sends shiver to our spines. Still, we continue with life. We continue with the status quo until the time that we realize that all our efforts are in vain… vanity… everything is vanity.

This realization would allow you to retire in the bosom of idleness and  serene chaos. At first, it feels good… it feels peaceful yet quite disturbing. You want to forget the fast phased life that you once had without bathing an eyelash. You realize how futile your frame of mind was way back then that you wanted to forget your past life. Suddenly, you started to feel the repugnance, loathsomeness, and abhorrence towards yourself. It seems that all the efforts that you did comes down the drain. Then you realize that you’re all alone in the timidity of the darkest hour of your life. All the friends that you thought you have suddenly turn into mere acquaintances – some even became strangers. You are left with just one choice – to accept the reality and idiosyncrasy of life. It was only then that you realize that you are once again down as you stare in the abyss of despair. You’ve been there… in that exact situation so many times that you recognize it that you wanted to face extinction.

You are ready to give up… you are ready to wave the white flag ready to relinquish the race of life that you thought you would end up victorious. Then it dawned on you that it is not about them after all. It is not what they think that matters the most. It is what is right. It is your life, your quest, and your relationship with Him that really matters. Life is like a coin, you can spend it any way you want, but you can only spend it once!

Unexpectedly, you started to fill chills in your spine as you commence with confidence and a new sense of energy that exudes in your whole being. You are back to the race… eyes set on the goal… fearless and unhampered. You are there to win! Run… Run the race of life! The finish line is set for you to break forth as you win the race of life – as you fight the battle of life.

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