What I Dream to Be…

When I was younger…

I want to be a woman, whose beauty surpasses time,

Whose figure flows with the sound of a chime,

With a personality so charming in every line,

With a disposition so refreshing such as in springtime.


Now that I am older…

I want to be a person with a character so real,

Who epitomizes femininity in every field

Princess and gems might be rare and surreal

But true beauty is the real big deal.


Although I am still fond of flowers and studs,

Coffee and chocolates can give me a thud!

The epitome of beauty starts from a small bud,

True womanhood must run first in your blood.


Pretentions might serve you for just a while

Though your real attitude might be a bitter bile

Why don’t you stop and think even for a while

Why not accept your ordained role and do an extra mile.


By accepting this you will have real happiness,

Happiness that may lead you to life’s success,

Your real beauty will eventually manifest

And eventually you’ll be one of life’s finest!

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