Decisions O’ Decisions

In your daily life I am sure that you will find,

Times that are tough that you often have to decide

For your decisions will either shatter or bind

It will affect your future and you have nothing to hide.


When you eventually wake up one gloomy morning,

And you don’t want to rise up because you feel like crying.

You could decide to just lie down to feel the pain and aching

Or decide to rise up and try to be happy and glowing.


You decided to rise up and do your routine for that day,

But you met a person that torments you in all that he does or says

You could decide to be furious for the rest of the day

Or deal with it with patience and not let it block your way.


In your life you have tons of decisions to make.

From a petty one to the one that affects your own sake.

You’ll be the person to decide on what kind of life to make,

For at the end of the day, it boils down to what you make and forsake.

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