My Ideal Man

While others are having their quest to find their ideal man so kind,

I prefer to wait while I prepare myself to be dazzling for him to find.

I’ll do my own task since I don’t want my character to be left behind,

Because to achieve my full potential as a person, I always put in mind.


From the day I was born, my parents had been fervently praying.

For God to prepare my ideal man, that is what they are saying.

They taught me to please God and keep on obeying,

Do my best to get serious with my own calling.


Now that I become of age I know that God is training somebody,

I know that He is busy in preparing a man of masculinity,

A man of wisdom who loves Him more than anybody,

A man who is strict in following His laws so dearly.


A man with a pleasant face, disposition, and personality,

A man of wisdom and performs his responsibility,

A good provider with emotional stability,

A man who will love and protect me unconditionally.


The one who will take the lead while I’ll be there to follow,

The one who is always by my side even in times of sorrow.

As we please our Creator, in love, I’m sure we will grow,

He will always inspire me to perform my God-ordained role.


He is both a man of steel and a man of velvet.

I know that loving him unconditionally I will not regret.

For he loves me so dearly and my family he deeply respects.

He takes wise counsel from others regarding life’s real quest.


I know he is aware on how to make me feel beautiful,

With his stare and smile, I know I will be really grateful.

He does little sweet things for me and he is really careful,

He is trustworthy and I know that with God, he is really faithful.


He knows how to make me smile through his own little sweet ways.

He is full of surprises, and I love it! That is what I can say.

A bouquet of flowers suddenly appears at my door one day,

Or a bar of chocolate with a note that I adore in another way.


He loves kids, sports, and intellectual things,

He loves music or at least listen to me as I sing,

We can dance together even in a simple swing,

He appreciates poetry and the things that I am saying.


One thing that I hope and pray that he won’t make me cry,

With chocolates, coffee, and pastries he will not make me sigh,

He enjoys spending time with me without even asking “Why?”

I would love to cook for him, but at least he should know how to fry.


I have a list of my likes for a man that I could not decline,

But I am willing to patiently wait for my Creator’s own time.

For my heart belongs to God until the time comes for Him to decide,

To finally give my heart to the man that he wonderfully refined.

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