Completely Moved On

Almost two years ago I was sad and weary,

For I broke my young heart and everything seems dreary,

I thought I could not stop from being teary,

Whenever I thought of my sad misery.


I buried myself to work with all the extra miles,

Serving others in a lot of different styles,

Crying to God to take away these heavy trials,

I am scared to trust again because of all the wiles.


I did my part and tried to do good in everything,

Did a lot of things to prevent myself from mourning,

Then little by little God showered me His blessings,

He takes away the pain and turns me into a flower that is blossoming.


God took all the pains that I ever felt before.

Tears of sorrows are not found in my eyes anymore.

But the character that emerged with it, I deeply adore,

Because I can make use of it in my life forevermore.


Almost two years had passed since I started moving on,

Now I am stronger and hopefully a better person,

Becoming closer to God is my continuing passion,

Now I can say, that finally, Iโ€™ve completely moved on!




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