To My Dear Brothers

To my dear brothers,

I know I am not a perfect sister to you,

But to my counsel please listen and don’t argue,

Because through experiences and observations it all accrue,

And I know that it will all be helpful to you.


To my dear brothers,

I am grateful that God gave you intelligence and character,

Don’t forget to use that as your life’s anchor,

To me, you’ve become a good brother,

But someday, you’ll become a bachelor.


To my dear brothers,

Someday you will look for your own princess,

Please make sure of her character and her brightness,

An epitome of simplicity and submissiveness,

And not just good in bathing her own lashes.


To my dear brothers,

Choose a girl, who is objective but not domineering,

She must be intelligent but neither bullying nor nagging,

Beautiful, feminine, modest and not just physically appealing.

Please, her attitude should not be contemptuous and not loathing.


To my dear brothers,

Put in mind that charm is deceitful and beauty is passing,

And a woman who fears and glorify God is truly pleasing.

So please do not dwell on the physical and aesthetic things,

Because she may just deceive you with her moaning.


To my dear brothers,

Remember that behind a good man is a good woman,

So choose properly if you want to be a good husband,

A good wife and a mother that should be your summon,

A good woman is a gift from God and that is out of the question.


To my dear brothers,

Pray earnestly and fervently for God’s guidance,

Prepare yourself and strive to strike the right balance.

Focus on the important things; do not leave it by chance.

Seek God’s guidance, wisdom and not just follow your own brilliance.

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