To Dad… with Love

Do you remember when I was young and sickly?

That we go to the hospital so often, I think it’s weekly?

You carried me in your arms and embraced me so patiently.

Because Mommy was afraid that anytime, I might die naturally.


When God answered your prayers, and I miraculously live.

You glorified Him and you were greatly relieved.

You promised Him that “Godly parenting”, you’ll try to achieve,

To raise a daughter that will glorify God as long as she lives.


Do you remember when I first sang in front of hundreds of people?

I was five when I volunteered without knowing that I am still feeble.

You sighed as you trained me to sing while being gleeful.

In that auditorium, You and Mom were the most nervous couple.


Do you remember when I started going to school?

You helped me do my assignment and I think that is cool!

Because when I went home crying as you met me in a vestibule,

You realized that you taught me an obsolete alphabet rule! J


There are a lot of memories that we could look back with a smile.

From a simple laughter, outing, and even your dancing style,

To the things that we learned from the trials that you have in file.

A lot of family mementos we would like to dearly compile.


Although you did not live a perfect life,

But you are striving to improve on every side.

You took care of the family and managed every strife.

You’re a good father to us and a faithful husband to your wife.


I wrote this simple poem for a father that stands true,

As you embark another year and greet  your life anew.

I hope that you know how much our family loves you,

and we are truly blessed to have a steward like you!

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