Coffee Splashing

There was once a young lady

Who wanted to be somebody professionally

She wanted to turn her dreams into reality

To feel life’s real ecstasy.


With hardwork she achieved her vision

She became successful as what she envisioned

Her life is in real adventurous motion

To be exceedingly happy is her intention


One afternoon she decided to stay in a coffee shop

To have a break from work, in reading she hopped

Instead of just taking a refreshing afternoon nap

She stayed there as her feet gently tap.


The time when she was engrossed on what she is reading

She felt a splash of iced coffee from her top almost near the ceiling

She screeched loudly with the poise that she is keeping

In this kind of situation she is not really akin.


She then heard a very loud bass voice

“I’m so sorry” it seemed to be a noise

“I accidentally stepped on little boy’s toys”

She frets and said “As if I have any choice.”


As she looked to her left with a great facial rage

She saw a man that is almost her age

The guy is wearing a sweater that is actually beige

His face showed great concern that is what she can gauge.


He plead “May I offer to buy you clothes?”

She answered “no thank you I need to be on the road”

I have a commitment this evening and I need to start to load

Better start moving than kicking against the goads.”


She left the coffee shop in great distress

Her corporate attire is in a real mess

She switched on her car engine as she started to feel the stress

She needs to change into her dazzling evening dress.


The next day she went to work ready to do an extra mile

But she saw her table in a different country style

A bouquet of wild flowers welcomed her with a smile

With a note “I’m really sorry for the coffee vile”.


For the next day and the day after that morning

Wild flowers came with the same message that is fluttering

Until two weeks passed by with the same routine coming

She doesn’t know the name of the guy who is consistently sending.


Months passed and she worked harder day and night

There are times when she would work until the morning light

She got promoted with the caliber she have in sight

She will be acknowledged by her boss during the gala night.


The gala night came and she looked stunningly beautiful

This marks the commencement of more years to be fruitful

Her boss announced to the crowd the news that is wonderful

Her promotion in the company to the position that she is grateful.


She became the center of attention that eventful night

Butterflies in her stomach flew in a different height

She went to the side to drink under a brighter light

To shy away from too much attention that she has in sight.


As she took a sip, she heard a voice that is familiar

“You look dazzling tonight quite different from the usual”

She turned to the direction of the voice and pretends to be casual

There the ‘coffee guy’ stood with a smile that is surreal dual.


He looked sharp in his stunning coat and catchy tie

“Mind if I join you as you rest before all these party lights die?”

“Please sit down” she answered as she bite her rye

“What brought you here?” she then asked without a vile.


She then found out that the guy is the son of her boss,

The heir of the company! She almost got lost.

He once again apologized for the coffee that got across

He hoped that she’s not mad for that single embarrassing cause.


They spent the remaining time talking and laughing

There is an instant ‘click’ both of their hearts are humming

He then invited her to the same coffee shop worth returning

To start with a clean slate rather than a coffee that is splashing.


Now years had passed since that eventful day that is calming

They still talk about each detail while they are both laughing

Now they started their own family with God’s blessing

Everything started one afternoon with a coffee that is splashing.

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