Will You Wait for Me?

Will you wait for me if I leave for a while?

Will you wait for me even if it will take some time?

Will you wait for me if others say “Change your mind?”

Will you wait for me? Will you really wait for me?


When I come back will you be the same guy?

Or maybe you’ll approach me with a shallow sigh.

Will you still ask me out to know what’s on my mind?

Or will you not even bother to say goodbye.


Whatever happens, I know I’ll stay true.

I will always be thankful for my friendship with you.

If I return and see you with someone new,

I will still be thankful because I have met you.


Now I must finally be ready to let go.

There are more important things for me to know.

In faith and maturity I will certainly grow.

For in character building I will continue to sow.


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