Felicity’s Speech

There’s a beautiful lady who arrived in the city.

She seemed to be a damsel in distress and pity.

She is an orphan who went out to explore and study.

She seemed to be scared and weary though her name is Felicity.


She is determined to become the best that she can be.

With great zeal she did things with sense of urgency,

until she was able to adjust, and friends she gained with camaraderie.

Positive things and silver-linings, that is what she tried to see.


Day and night great determination is in her mind.

She is truly a lady that is one of a kind.

She improved and excelled, her character soared high.

She received the highest awards that she wanted to cry.


During graduation she went up to give her valedictory address.

She is so pretty in her white satin dress .

Although her eyes are teary she is no longer in distress,

as she opened her mouth, her medals, she touched and caressed.


She looked at the two empty chairs near her side,

her tears finally fell as she slowly stride.

“Today I am happy because God did guide,

but I am also sad and that is what I cannot hide.


Four years ago a part of me died in strife.

An accident  took my dear parents’ life.

A parcel of our land I sold with a bitter bile,

because that’s my father’s gift to his beloved wife.


I am telling this to you because this is the least that I can do.

Though it is very painful to me, you just don’t have a clue.

I am a former addict and in misery my parents’ lived adew,

I learned my lesson in a very painful way I screw.


I ran away from home the day before they die,

to have a ‘happy time’ with friends, that is my style.

My parents’ searched for me in every single mile.

That’s when they met the accident in pain and guile.


I changed my life so at least they can be proud of me,

or maybe I can think that I can somehow make them happy.

That I used their sacrifice for me to become somebody,

rather than continue to become the State’s enemy.


It is just sad that they can’t see me standing in front of you,

nor hear my medals clasp one to another adew.

If they are here, they will be the proudest you’ll knew,

the most wonderful persons I wish that I can view.


Today I wanted to share this to all of you,

you are blessed to have your parents with you.

With them, appreciate life in a different hue,

respect them, love them tenderly and don’t make them blue.


To my dear parents, let me say this to you,

better late than never that is what I can do.

If I could trade my life to have an hour with you,

I will tightly hug both of you and say ‘I deeply love you!’”

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