The Tale of a Simple Flower Bud

There was once a flower bud that was born in a beautiful garden. The flower bud lives around other flowers of different colors, shapes, and kinds. She has a lot of flower friends – some are of her kind some are from other species. Nonetheless, they are friends and they love hanging around one another. They love dancing as the wind gently blew against them.

One day, she found herself alone because her friends were busy in getting the attention of the passers-by. They wanted to get picked by human beings – it is quite an achievement, they supposed. They did all sorts of things just to get noticed. One by one her friends started to get picked by humans that were passing. Some of her flower friends were placed on the ears, some were played upon, and some were even crushed.

In the meantime, the flower bud made herself busy getting all the nutrients that she needs to grow and develop. She was never distracted by those gestures of the other flowers. Some of her remaining friends shouted at her “You better start getting the attention of those who are passing lest you found yourself wilting in the ground!” She smiled and said, “I am still busy preparing myself.” She was determined to achieve her full potential as a flower.

One day, her Creator finally smiled at her and said “You are now ready my dear, show the world how beautiful you are!” Slowly, she opened her petals and everyone was amazed how beautiful she turned out! She became a vibrant and a dazzling flower – truly one of a kind!

Few moments later, the prince passed by and the beautiful flower caught his attention. He immediately went to where the flower is, knelt down and picked the flower as he whispered, “Truly beautiful and wonderful to behold – one of such kind! This vibrant flower is far above the rest and deserves to be given to none other than my princess.”

From that day on, the tale of that simple bud who became a beautiful flower spread to the Kingdom of Flora and Fauna and it became an inspiration to the younger buds of that generation and beyond.

1 Comment on The Tale of a Simple Flower Bud

  1. prakash
    July 4, 2012 at 12:27 pm (9 years ago)

    A bud, once like any other, that through time became an uniquely beautiful flower, comparable to none other! I love this story captured so vividly…


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