Whenever I am at the brink of sadness and despair,

When disappointment strikes beyond easy repair,

When the bitter guile of torment knocks to get its share

I look up to You and give the burden that I can’t bear.


They say that idealism would not do me any good,

Reality of human nature will eventually affect my mood.

I say, “yes, I cannot change the situation and I don’t want to get rude,

but I will make the most out of it, as much as I could.”


One thing that dawn on me in this life’s trial and tests

Is that we are being judge far above the rest.

We should always strive to do our very best.

and leave the rest to Him who could truly attest.


One thing for sure, I will not let this take the most out of me,

Even the smile that I have with the fun laughter and glee.

My principles will remain intact, that is what I can see.

A woman of courage and principles that is what I aim to be.


I may be a simple person that my voice they don’t bother to hear,

but at least I did my best and I have nothing to fear.

My heart may be heavy but my conscience is clear.

I will continue with my life’s quest that is why I am here!

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