Now, It is My Turn!

It was three years ago when I stood with pride,

in front of my mentors with my smile so wide.

I was wearing my medals with my parents beside,

as I thank them for the time they spent to guide.


Never did I realize, there was a gnaw that was present,

from the hearts of my teachers, with the smile they represent.

The bitter and sweet feelings they’ll soon feel when I’m absent,

will soon be realized with the prize that is subsequent.


Being a second parent is truly a bitter and sweet feeling,

after a year of toils and hard work that reached the ceiling.

With all the sacrifices, and a piece of love that you are dealing

You wait to say goodbye to your students that are beaming.


“Now is the right time for me to say goodbye as we wind,

I am happy and proud that the finish line, you now did find.

As you embark on the new stage of life please bear in mind,

the character that you built, please don’t leave behind.


Now it is the time to spread your wings and start to fly.

I am letting go of you like a mother with a sigh.

Reach for the stars and aim for success, I will be your ally!”

But if you’ll need me again, anytime, you may drop by.


Three years ago since I left my mentors to whom I abide,

Now, I am on the same position after I learned to guide,

Before, it was them, who let me fly from their side,

Now, it is my turn as I let ‘my kids’ fly high with pride!

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