When we’re young and jumpy like a hound,

this world seems to be a big playground.

I’ll throw your doll while you’ll pull my hair around.

Then we’ll cry as mom starts her spanking sound.


When mom arranges both our hair in curls,

I’ll say “I look better than you!” as I do some swirls.

You’ll cry as I make funny faces with great burls,

then Mom shouts and put to halt her pretty girls.


When we begin to become teenagers,

we started to become acting like strangers.

When you’ll wear my clothes and act like a little ranger,

you know that you’ll surely be in great danger!


Do you remember when I saw you crying yourself to sleep?

I could not help myself to hug you as I suddenly leap,

You told me a guy broke your heart and it hurt so deep

The next day I punched that guy inside a big jeep.


Since then we realized that we’re best friends ‘til the end.

With you around, my broken heart can easily mend.

There are times when we quarrel because you, I offend;

But we’ll reconcile as I hug you with apologies that I send.


Years may pass and we’ll both grow old,

We may meet people but I am definitely sold,

With the pact that we sealed with great hug and firm hold,

“We will treasure each other more than the precious gold!”

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