Day with the Masters :)

Our journey started as the dawn breaks into a beautiful sunrise in the summer morning of May 1, 2012. Yeah… I know, it is a National Holiday, but for us, it is another day in the Graduate School. Fit inside the van bound to Laguna, we, the Masteral Students under the class of CIN 502 started our journey to a destination that left an impact in our lives.

With smiles on our faces and enthusiasm, we boarded the van. The travel time was filled with laughter and stories between and among us.

We talked about a lot of things. From mere jokes to the academic topics – anything and everything under the sun was open for discussion. Most of the time, we laugh because of the jokes being tossed by our classmates.

After traveling for an hour and a half, we felt hungry and decided to stop by a convenience store to have our breakfast.

The stories continued during breakfast. Then, we headed towards our destination – GS OPTION HOUSE – a school that caters to autistic kids.

My first impression was “This looks like a regular small school in Manila. How come that we travel this far just to look at this school?” That question in my mind was answered when the owner of the house, Mrs. Noemi Viado started the lecture about the school.

The curriculum of the school is truly fascinating! It is child-centered and obviously, had been carefully crafted to fit the needs of the students.

I thought that I am already amazed with the school’s curriculum, however, that was just a start of something more exciting – something exhilarating and heart-warming.

After the lecture, we went back to the school’s function room to witness the presentation of the students.

We were blessed to witness the array of talents of the students. It was touching at the same time humbling to witness such presentation. Some of us even shed a tear as we watched the dance and listen to their songs.

After the presentation, we had the privilege to tour the campus. I was so amazed with the dedication of the teachers of GS Option house and how they were able to deliver the curriculum to the students. I’ve seen the different arts and crafts that the students made. I also saw their garden where they are planting seedlings at the same time, they are also into hydroponics! Wonderful!

After being amazed to the school and being full because of the buko pie served to us, we headed to Batangas for our lunch. The ambiance of Taal Bayview Bistro is truly a magnificent sight to behold!

While waiting for our lunch to be served, we had the opportunity to play and rekindle the child-like spirit within us! After stretching some muscles with some games, we had our sumptuous lunch!

At the end of the day, we were all tired yet the smiles on our faces were evident! It was truly an experience worth remembering!

Such a wonderful experience!

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  1. Audrey
    May 4, 2012 at 3:04 pm (9 years ago)

    Photos courtesy of Mr. Marno Anga


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