Fun in Food

I am definitely a food lover! In addition to that, I have a sweet tooth so coffee and pastries are always on my list. However, my Gastrologist asked me to have a soft and low fat and no caffeine diet, (in the mean time :)) tsk! All I can do is to follow – until my tummy would stabilize (hopefully soooon). All I can do right now is to think, think, and think, and reminisce some of the food trips that I recently had.

Coffee… coffee… coffee… and Cakes!

Gulp, gulp, gulp! Yeah, I am a certified coffee lover. Whenever I am doing a lot of things in the office, a mug of coffee would make my day! Whenever I intend to have a break and relax, an hour in the coffee shop will do the twist! I just love the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.


and what else is the partner of a nice cup of coffee… none other done, tah-dah! a delicious slice of cake!

Of course, a good cup of coffee and a slice of delectable cake would not be complete without fine friends! 🙂


My Mother’s Garden

Some friends invited me for a dinner-out after work few months ago. Since I am in my work attire, I need to go home first since they told me that the attire for the night is “semi-formal”. I was actually wondering, why bother with the attire??? But when I saw the place, I understand that my friends don’t want us to be an eye-sore to the beautiful ambiance as we savor the food and the place!

My Mother’s Garden is Malu Antonio Veloso’s tribute to their mother, Dona Marina Antonio, wife of the National Artist, Pablo S. Antonio. The owner even spent some of her precious time to chat with us to check whether we are having a good time – we actually had a great one!

The dinner – from the appetizer down to the main course truly sumptuous!

Of course, last but not the least… desserts! Mouthwatering! :))

It was almost 11:00pm when we finished eating… It was fun, fun, fun!


Photos by Joseph Dela Cruz and Daniel Osillos

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