Meet My SuperMom!

Each one of us won’t be in this world without a mother. As for me, I am grateful that God gave me my mother – My SuperMom!

Look how radiant my mom was on her single years! That’s an added pressure on my part! I need to look at least half as pretty as my mom..that’s the bare minimum. Hahaha!

I believe that my mom is a SuperMom! When she got married, she decided to give up her very promising career to be a full time wife and mother. She disciplined and taught us (me and my brothers) things about life. She molded us to become who we are right now.

She can do a lot of things! She is my first teacher… At the age of two, I can already read and that is because of my mom. I remember when I first performed on stage, it was my mom who was super nervous while sitting in front of the auditorium. She was the one who’s very patient in making me memorize the lyrics of the song. I remember her telling me before my performance “Anak, when you forget the lyrics just hummm and smile so the crowd won’t notice!”

She taught me how to cook, to be feminine, to dress modestly, and to act properly.

Everytime I’ll get an award or recognition, my Mom and my Dad are the proudest persons in the world.

Amidst all the things that she is doing, she still maintains her beauty all these years.

I love my mom so much! I even made a poem for her in this blog! If you have not read that poem yet, this is the link:

In this day intended for mothers, I want to greet my SuperMom a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Mwah! I love you Mommy!

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