Sweet Potatoes… Anyone?

I wrote this article almost nine years ago. I just would like to share this in my blog

It was a sunny Thursday morning in Davao City Philippines, just another school vacation morning for our family. We had the usual extended breakfast where we shared more stories than food on the table. I never suspected that morning would bring me one of the most profitable moments of my life.
I was about to start my dishwashing routine when I heard unfamiliar voices from outside our house, faint little voices. Unsure of the fact, I turned off the water only to realize that my father was already into a conversation with those who owned the voices – two little children, “Please buy some sweet potatoes Sir, it is only ten pesos a kilo!” I know my father was not interested in buying their stuff, the reason why I cannot figure out the point of engaging in a conversation with those two busy little vendors. My curiosity brought me to take a look on what was really happening outside. My heart sank as I took a glimpse on the appearance of those two little fellows, so young, so tattered, and evidently so unfed! Almost instantly, I saw my little brothers in them. I have one about their age who seems to have a “play-eat-sleep” routine and in flip-flops of contrasts I was in front of those children, both smaller than him and both begging us to buy their sweet potatoes obviously for a living. I have no idea how many miles these little peddlers walked, each with their quarter-of-a-sack load under the humid heat of the late summer sun. My sorrow and deep compassion for these little ones were only distracted by the reassuring voice of my father, “I’ll buy a kilo of your goods.” The other kid without a slight hesitation replied, “Sir, please buy two kilos, one from me and one from my cousin so we both can earn.” I was really amazed by the display of unconditional concern both these little children have with each other. My father checked his wallet only to find the remaining family money was just enough for his fare for the day’s work. The disappointment was evident from their eyes as I watched them leave. Almost frantically I rushed inside the house telling my mother to call these children back while I checked up to the last centavo our rooms could ever produce. I managed to raise just enough coins for another kilo of sweet potatoes. I was overwhelmed seeing the joy in their eyes as they received their ten pesos with their dirty little hands. As I watch them depart, I then realized how blessed I was that amidst difficulties in life, I can still go to school, eat properly, enjoy good health, have a set of good friends and also, have a supportive family.

I want to share this precious experience with all the readers of this article who, like me, are sometimes too disappointed on the things that we get or we do not get, too discouraged on the unwanted situations we are in, almost impossible to revert. We should realized though, that we pity ourselves because we are too interested and focused on our own as we try to fit into worldly patterns of greater wealth, higher intellect, nicer looks and popular fame. We are too focused on our own selfish interests blinding us of others. In so doing, we failed to appreciate the blessings God so lavishly gave us. So, the next time we hear faint little voices from the outside, try to take a look.

Our Great God and Saviour once stooped down to listen to these little children taught us lessons!

2 Comments on Sweet Potatoes… Anyone?

  1. Jen
    May 25, 2012 at 3:36 am (9 years ago)

    I could vividly visualize those children in this article, Auds.

    You are indeed a great writer.

    • Audrey
      May 25, 2012 at 12:08 pm (9 years ago)

      Thank you Jen! I am happy to know that! 🙂


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