He will Repay

There are times when things do not go your way.

Times when you wanted to blurt out “come what may”!

Watch out on the things that you think and say,

Strive to have a pure heart in every single day.


Some will say hello while others will bid you goodbye.

You might end up in grief and you couldn’t even ask why?

You will end up baffled as you close your eyes in a sigh.

Then all you wanted to do is tuck yourself and cry.


There are things that happened that is quite frustrating.

It disappoints you that you could not do anything.

Be positive, God knows that whatever life will bring.

It will strengthen and polish you although it is really humbling.


Now it is time to get up and thank God for every single day.

Try to have a positive countenance that is what I can say.

Meet a new day with a smile and from bitterness, shy away.

Because God is your guide, and in the end – He will repay.

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  1. prakashtv
    June 25, 2012 at 5:22 am (9 years ago)


    ~ prakash


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