Historical Wine in Aguinaldo Shrine

It seems that history had found its way back to me. I just uploaded an entry about my visit to the Fort Santiago and here I am writing about a visit on Aguinaldo Shrine.

It was actually the idea of my boss that we take a day off our usual office work to bond and revisit history. I grew up in Cavite but it was actually my first time (if my memory served me right) to visit Aguinaldo Shrine. So, after having our breakfast along Macapagal road, we headed south to visit the place of the first President of the Republic of the Philippines. In less than an hour, we were able to reached Kawit, Cavite.

This group photo was taken in the garden of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo’s House.

We entered the house and we suddenly noticed the bowling alleys! It was the first bowling lane in Cavite.

This is how the house looked like before it was remodeled.

The tour guide told us that Gen. Aguinaldo waved the Philippine Flag on a window and not in the azotea (which I believed for years). The azotea was built after the declaration of the Philippine Independence.

We also found priceless memorabilia of the First President.

 The living room is spacious and classy! This is where they held parties and dance ball.

Then we went to some of the bedrooms.

I noticed their medicine cabinet. The caretakers were able to preserve some of the supplies.

This is the breathtaking view from Aguinaldo’s window.

We climb up to the seventh floor – a mansion indeed! We took this photo after we perspired a lot from all the climbing. 🙂

Our guide is a sharp and strong man. He was 21 years old when Aguinaldo died and he told us that he even went to the funeral of Gen. Aguinaldo.

Of course, we took the opportunity to pose and smile…

It was a remarkable experience to trace back our roots and revisit history. If ever you have the time and the interest, you could visit Aguinaldo Shrine from Tuesday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. Entrance fee is free. Come on! Take the opportunity to sip on the historical wine that our country brings.
We were all happy as we leave the Shrine with additional knowledge in our heads and a renewed sense of patriotism in our hearts. 🙂

2 Comments on Historical Wine in Aguinaldo Shrine

  1. prakash
    July 16, 2012 at 12:42 am (9 years ago)

    A wonderful and interesting read! Nice photos intertwining the past with the present, on this your ‘historic’ trip 😉

    • Audrey
      July 16, 2012 at 3:02 am (9 years ago)

      Thank you for reading. 🙂


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