Reunited with Coffee

After two months of abstinence from coffee, I was once again reunited with it! It was actually because of an invitation from Cup@Chino to taste additional dishes and beverages that they offer. I already wrote an entry about Cup@Chino months ago. I still have a pending invitation to taste more of their entrees, then you have to expect more blog entries about it. 🙂

After being reassured that they are using organic and decaf coffee (there’s my palusot once again) a sure ‘go’ for me followed – to have a taste of coffee once again. It was a warm day outside and I don’t feel drinking hot coffee that’s why I asked if I could have an iced macchiato even though it was not on their menu board. I was happy when they said that they could make it for me. I am thankful that my tummy was on its friendly mode that day – it didn’t react drastically with coffee. The taste and aroma of coffee soothed my longing senses. Imagine, two months of abstinence! 🙂 They also gave me a plate of tuna carbonara. Yum! My favorite for that day is their mango salad rolls! It is a must try! I kept on telling them how delicious it is! You have to try it! For those who do not eat sea foods like me or if you are allergic to certain items, you could ask them to customize their dish for you. That’s what I like about Cup@Chino. I have a sensitive stomach and their chef promised to create special dishes for me. I feel special! 🙂 O diba, special Audrey (parang special mami, special siopao, special halo-halo! Hahaha!)

proudly posing with my “Iced Macchiato” 🙂

mango rolls salad 🙂

Tuna sandwich

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