Laid-Back Monday

One thing I love about National Holidays is the additional time to relax and unwind. I initially plan to go to Laguna with some friends. However, the plan did not materialize so I decided to stay at home. It was during breakfast when my family decided to have a family lunch-out. Since it was quite sometime since we went out together, the idea was welcomed by everyone.

We drove all the way to Steak Escape in Makati for lunch. It is worth the drive since their porter house steak is delicious and the price is reasonable enough.

After lunch we roamed around Landmark and Greenbelt. One thing I like about Ayala Malls is that it is not crowded. Trees, flowers, and ponds in Greenbelt Park would give you the opportunity to be close to nature in the midst of industrialization. Since Makati is already bombarded with buildings here and there, this serves as an oasis in the center of trade and industry.

The design of the Malls are cozy and top of the line. It is spacious and classy.

The whole family headed to PowerBooks. I am just happy to see that PowerBooks in Greenbelt 4 is on sale at the moment. Books, books, books everywhere!!! We spent time reading and browsing through numerous books.

When we finally decided to head home, we passed by SM Makati to grabbed some doughnuts that perfectly match with coffee for ‘merienda’.

Family day doesn’t have to be expensive and flashy. Simple things could mean a lot as long as you are happy together. The day was capped with a simple dinner in a restaurant near our place and hours of talking and learning as a family on a laid-back Monday.

some photos from google images

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