Yummy and Health-Tea!

Last week, I received an invitation from the manager of Cup@Chino to taste some of the menus that they are about launch these coming months. The mere utterance of ‘good food’ made me giddy! Of course I accepted the invitation as I did another “SuperWoman Act” in juggling my activities for the day. (Food can really make a difference!)

I had the opportunity to talk with the consultant of the shop. I learned a lot! The discussion ranged from kinds of pasta to kinds of tea! When I asked for the names of the pasta dishes that I am about to taste, I was told that the management still have to decide regarding that matter.

So here’s the array of yummy treats from Cup@Chino!!!


Hmmm… where will I start? Owkei, let us start with pastas!

This dish is quite tangy because raw garlic was used to spice up the dish! Garlic has a lot of health benefits. Eating this dish is like hitting two birds in one stone! You enjoyed the meal at the same time you ate something that is good for your body! For all vegetarians out there… this dish is 100% vegan!

This is my FAAVOOORIIITOOOO for the day! I could eat the entire serving right away! Another vegan pasta and I love it! Yum! Cup@Chino should really serve this dish!  Pasta dish in white sauce with lots of vegetables!!! So tasty!!! Two thumbs up!

Healthy sandwich made up of whole wheat bread, thin slices of beef, fresh vegetables and lots of melted cheese! This sandwich tickles my taste buds – one bite leads to another, and then another, and then another…

Now, let us go to the teas… as in Health-Tea! Tea is good for the health! It detoxifies and beautifies! 🙂

Three kinds of tea were served: Nai cha, Oolong Tea, and Black Forest Tea. If you have a sweet-tooth like me, you’ll love Black Forest Tea – it is like a dessert in a cup! For those people out there who would like to trim down, one of the benefits of Oolong Tea is weight reduction (am I hearing some ‘ooohhhh’… and ‘aahhh’ out there?). Nai cha on the other hand is a light tea drink that is not too sweet but not bitter as well.

I had a wonderful time (as always). It is really nice to stop for a while and relax in Cup@Chino where eating is fascinating! 🙂


Hours:  Open Daily 7:00am to 9:30 pm

Location:  Level 1, Robinsons Place | Gen. E. Aguinaldo Highway, Imus, Cavite.





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