Araw ng Wika in Benedictine

August 31, 2012 – I had a difficult time waking up because I arrived late from the concert that I watched the night before. However, since I already accepted the invitation to become one of the judges for the different dance categories in the Araw ng Wika Celebration of Benedictine Institute of Learning, I had to force my eyes to open as I forced myself to the bathroom.

My effort was not in vain because I enjoyed judging different presentations. While watching the students perform, I recalled my student years when I used to perform during school competitions.

Moving on from nostalgia, when I entered the gymnasium, it is already filled with students.

Interpreting the message of the song through dance is quite difficult but they nailed the message to their audience

Costumes add colors to the occasion…

The “Pista sa Nayon” ambiance started with the bulaklakan dance!

Dancing Pandanggo sa Ilaw is such a challenge

Such a graceful dance!!!

Meet the three judges who got the best view of the presentations 🙂

It is evident that we enjoyed the presentations!

Thank you Benedictine for giving me such opportunity! Job well done to the teachers, staff, and students!

Of course, I would like to acknowledge the Official Photographers for the day for a job well done!

Anndy Alarcon

Stephen Villena

Photos taken by Anndy Alarcon and Stephen Villena

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