Fun Day on a Wednesday!

It is thirty minutes past my bed time but I don’t feel sleepy at all. Rather, I still feel excited and giddy. So instead of staring at the ceiling, I started typing on my blog.

I had a very exciting day! You might wonder where I spent my day. Hmmm… not in the beach, nah! not in the mall, not in an exquisite restaurant. Sirit??? Hmmm… owkei, I spent my day in the office. (Did I hear a unison “What?!” In the office!?) Yes, I had my exciting day in the office. Some of you might ask, “What is so exciting about a day in the office???”

Let me tell you how wonderfully my day went! (Storytelling!) I arrived in the office more than an hour before my official time. I usually arrive at work an hour and a half earlier because of two reasons: (1) to be sure that I will not be late (being late is such a terrible feeling for me) and (2) so I could read as many newspapers as I can before my workday starts.

However, for today, I wasn’t able to read all the newspapers that I intended to read. As soon as I arrived, I browsed on the news then I started doing some paper works that I wanted to finish before the 10:00am meeting starts.

I would normally sit on meetings, trying to understand everything – trying my best to comprehend even the things that seemed so difficult to understand. However, the meeting earlier was one of a kind! The discussion was more difficult and complicated than the usual. That made it challenging!!! It excites me until now. I had so much fun comprehending stuff as fast as I can. The feeling that my brain is at work is exhilarating!

After lunch, I started doing some paper works. After five (5) hours of doing it, I am not yet done. That could somehow attest how long it is. I am not yet done with such task. I still need to continue doing it tomorrow morning. Even though it is quite difficult, I am looking forward to finishing it tomorrow. I’ve been learning a lot and I am enjoying it.

I am grateful that I am blessed to have fine officemates, fine job, and most of all, the urge to strive for excellence on the things that I am doing.




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