From Funny Antics to a Memorable Experience

It was a sunny Sunday morning, eleven days before the swimming competition. I was quite nervous about the training and am grateful that a friend offered to accompany me to the training. To make things lighter for me, he offered to treat me for breakfast in one of the hotels in Manila. Oh yeah, buffet breakfast but… I needed to eat light before the swim. Oh no! 🙂

After talking and updating about each other’s lives, we headed to the Sports Complex. I introduced him to my officemates as I head to the shower room. There was an ongoing water polo competition that time and I was in a hurry to be in a cubicle to change.

As I was changing to wear my swimsuit, I overheard some guys speaking… only then that I realized that I entered the wrong shower room! Urgh! I would like to disappear that very moment! I kept quiet for a while – hoping that all of them will leave soooooon! (of course, they do not know that I am in one of the cubicles) After few minutes, the players for the next round of water polo were called and all the guys in the shower room left. Phew! What a relief! That was the time when I rushed out of the men’s room! My friend and my officemates had a good laugh as I narrated the story to them.

I know that I was not a good swimmer that is why I am willing to undergo training. Of course, sacrifice came along with it. Training means being in the pool for hours – but it is something that I started to enjoy and look forward to. Whenever our Coach would tell me that my swimming time improved, oh, it is like music to my ears – a motivation to train all the more.

After each training, the swimming team would eat together in one of the nearby restaurants. Those eating sessions became opportunities for us to talk and bond. I remember one time when waiters started approaching our table because one of the swimmers kept on demonstrating the hand movement for backstroke. Haha!

Each training day became a learning experience for me. I did not mind the muscle soreness after each swim, the bruises that I got every time I had a wrong dive, nor the sun tanned skin that replaced my fair skin.

The pool that cradled me every training…

The competition day came, I was nervous yet excited. It was raining that day and I feel so cold. I am actually shivering every time I leave the water. I am grateful that I did not experience any cramps that day. Being a new swimmer, I didn’t expect to win but to my surprise, I brought home a medal! 🙂 yiiihaaa! So grateful and so happy! Indeed, the funny antics that I did on the first day of training turned out to be a memorable experience as I embraced the beautiful world of swimming.

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