Interview Bayou

When I received a message from this group of college students from MAPUA asking if they could interview me for their Mini-Thesis in their Journalism class, I asked myself, “Why me? Are they serious?” Not that I don’t want to take it seriously but why did these students think that I am competent enough to be their interviewee when I just write my “kababawan” and “sentiments” in my blog as a form of detox.

Nonetheless, I agreed to be interviewed and we met one Sunday afternoon. My interviewers showed amiable disposition as they welcomed me with gratefulness. With the idea that I used to teach in the Academe, they asked me tips and ideas on how they can improve.

When the video camera started to roll and the interview proper started there was a total paradigm shift. The group of students who cheerfully welcomed me earlier turned into reporters and interviewers. After the interview and the picture taking, we had snacks together and more picture taking!

I had fun that afternoon! We said goodbye to one another as I wish them all the best in their Mini-Thesis!

with my Interviewers

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