Sunnies Here, There, and Everywhere!

Sunnies here…

Sunnies there…

Sunnies everywhere!

(Hindi naman halata na hindi ako mahilig sa sunglasses noh?)

Yes, I am fond of sunglasses! It is one of the things that you could always find in my bag. Sunnies are very helpful to me whenever I walk around under the glare of the sun. Summer will come few months from now and I would like to share this article about choosing the right sunglasses.


Choosing the right sunglasses–what to watch out for

By Mdhil

Your eyes are precious and their protection is important. Read on to understand how to find that right pair of sunglasses to protect them.

The right pair of sunglasses is an investment for the protection of your eyes and your choice should not be merely based on fashion; you need to have the right protection too. There are certain points one must consider before making the purchase.

Eight steps to choose the right sunglasses for your eyes

Get polarized: Glare refers to the bright light that is reflected from surfaces like water or glass. These horizontal rays make it difficult to see things. Polarized lenses block these horizontal rays and make it easier to look at such surfaces. Polarized lenses are also good for people with cataracts. However they do not block UV rays.

Photochromic by choice: Photochromic or transition lenses have advantages as well as disadvantages. They undoubtedly serve a dual purpose, which also makes them more expensive. However, they cannot be made-scratch resistant and so they get scratched easily. The photochromic effect also tends to wear off gradually in a couple of years. Also, some photochromic lenses do not darken behind the windshield of cars and trucks. Transition takes time and so one might have to wait for a minute or two before they turn dark. These lenses become very dark when it is cold and hence can be a disadvantage for skiers.

 Bridge it right: When you try on sunglasses, they should fit right on the bridge of your nose. If your glasses do not fit right on the bridge they won’t fit even if you make adjustments. One thing you must make sure is that they do not pinch or slip down your nose or you might get a nose rash.

Go impact resistant: If you are wearing glasses while playing sports, glass or plastic is not a good idea. For such occasions, or even in general, polycarbonate or Trivex lenses are light in weight and give better UV protection. These materials are less likely to shatter and are best for children.

Price is not the point: Costlier glasses do not mean better protection. You need to check every aspect, specially their UV protection and impact resistance. Though the cheap sunglasses that you get on roadside are never good and it is best to avoid them, remember, even a very costly pair of glasses can be useless if it does not provide full protection.

Colour conscious: The colour of glasses hardly matters as it has no impact on UV protection. A certain percentage of the male population is colour blind and the colour green can cause further distortion, so it is advisable for men not to choose green lenses. Also, dark grey is the best color in general as it offers least distortion.

Peripheral light: Peripheral light is the light that manages to sneak in from the sides of the glasses. The purpose of glasses is not only to protect your eyes but also the skin around the eyes. So it is important that they cover a major part around your eyes, especially from the sides. Ladies, make sure you keep this in mind because you do not want crows feet near your eyes soon.

DIY quality test: The optical quality of lenses is as important as the UV protection. Here is how you can do the quality test:

  • Hold the glasses at a comfortable distance.
  • Cover one eye.
  • Look at a rectangular object or a tile.
  • Move the glasses from side to side and then up and down.
  • If the edges of the object or lines of the tile remain straight throughout the test, the lenses are fine.
  • If the lines wiggle, try another pair.

Once you have the right pair, make sure you wear them!

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  1. misskatyfm
    November 20, 2012 at 9:16 am (9 years ago)

    Whenever I see you, I can’t help but to be in awe of your beauty! For I know you are gorgeous inside and out. 🙂 Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    • Audrey
      November 20, 2012 at 10:50 am (9 years ago)

      Hi misskatyfm!

      Yay! Thank you for your kind words! (kilig!)


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