The Year It Was – a quick look at 2012

2012 is a good year for me. Though it had its ups and downs, I could say that the good far outweighed the bad. When I look back and counted my blessings, I could not help but to be grateful that God has been so gracious to me.

This is the year when I shifted my career from being a teacher into becoming a legislative staff officer. I am blessed to have wonderful office mates and boss. We shared a lot of nicey-nice times together.

This is also the year when I first attended the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA). It is such a nice experience seeing those personalities that I usually see on television.

I also got my first experience to be featured in an Academic Newsletter – such a humbling and rewarding experience!

This is also the year when I became quite sporty. I started to run and participate in different fun runs. I also joined a swimming competition this year. Yes, you read it right, swimming competition. 🙂 di na ako matatakot malunod agad-agad  

Also, I was able to go back into flower arranging and do some arts and crafts.

I was able to see college friends whom I haven’t seen for three years!

Those are some of the nice things that happened to me. There are a lot more which I chose not to write here 🙂 I enjoyed a lot of ESPECIAL moments this year! Those ESPECIAL things really make me ESMILE! wink!

I will be ending this year with a happy heart, peaceful mind, and excitement for  what next year will bring.

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