Unconditional Love

Once in your life there will come a time,

when God will make you realize,

that life is more than dollars and dime.

That’s what this poem will try to emphasize.


When we’re young and innocent,

our parents guided us with their consent.

As we explore life’s mystery of contentment

and we grow to enjoy life’s mystical testament.


Then the time comes to test our courage and love.

God will send His blessings from up above.

May it be nice things or someone beautiful to love.

Our hearts will soar with gratefulness on what we have.


Then time will come to test our patience.

If we’ll practice love or work on with vengeance.

If someone wronged us will we love with prominence?

or pray that they not face the gruesome consequence?


Love will teach us when to hold on and when to let go.

It will make us happy when we’re sad as we finally forego.

It will make us shy away from our pride and detrimental ego.

It will spark a zeal within us as we try to light up and glow.


Time will come for us to finally leave this earth

Will we leave in pain or in hurtful mire dearth?

I hope that people will remember that we try to give birth –

to unconditional love as we supersede our life on earth.

photo from google images

photo from google images

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