Something to Chase in Mary Grace

Beautiful interiors… delicious food… These are some of the things that Mary Grace could offer. If you would like to relax in a beautiful ambiance and enjoy mouth-watering food, then Mary Grace is a place to be.


Once you enter the place, you’ll immediately travel from the busy metro to a serene and relaxing ambiance.


You could choose any table and the view will just be fantastic…

I like how each details is being thought of.


Letters from customers found on each table added personal touch!

Now, from the nice ambiance, let’s go to the FOOD! There is a lot of delicious food in Mary Grace, from pasta to pizza. I’ve been to Mary Grace before for lunch and dinner but since I am heading to a dinner meeting that day, I decided to have some snacks.

hot choco

As of the moment, my favorite hot choco among all hot chocos that I’ve tasted is Mary Grace signatured hot choco. Just creamy and chocolateeee…

Grilled Ensaymada

They also have their grilled ensaymada that goes well with their hot choco…


Grilled ensaymada + mary grace’s hot choco = perfect pair!

brewedI also tried their house blended brewed coffee… What makes it more delicious is the almond cream that goes well with it! 🙂 Almond milk is just delicious!

Of course, for dessert…. tadah! Mango Bene!


I was actually choosing between chocolate mousse and mango bene but when I asked the waiter what their best seller is, without bathing his eyelashes he answered “Mango bene Ma’am” Hence, I gave it a try… Just mouthwatering! Layers of meringue with delicious cream and frozen sweet mangoes in between makes every bite a delight!!!

That short visit in Mary Grace made my day happier! Happy tummy indeed!!!

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