Watercolor Crafternoon!!!

Colors has its way to stimulate my creativity. Since I was a little girl, I’ve been fond of arts and crafts. There will always be a “creative and crafty” person in me although I must admit that I wasn’t able to hone my artistic skills when it comes to drawing, painting, and water-coloring. Well, it is not too late to start honing those skills that’s why I participated in the watercolor crafternoon of one of the coolest art teacher in town –ย Alessa!

I was the first to arrived in the Forum of FullyBooked (Bonifacio High Street branch) and I saw Alessa and PJ working together as a couple. It is such a wonderful sight to see a married couple helping and supporting each other.

They both welcomed me with a smile as Alessa handed me my materials for the crafternoon after I registered.

color set

my crafternoon materials

I was just glad to know that I’m not the only novice in the crowd. It is just amazing to know that lawyers, doctors, young mothers, writers, events organizers attended the said crafternoon. We all forgot our line of work and focused in watercoloring!

my pretty fellow-crafters

my pretty fellow-crafters

We all had a wonderful time exploring our skills with colors! Never thought that painting and water-coloring could be so much fun (and challenging)!

art exercises output

art exercises output

my output in one of the exercises

my output in one of the exercises

exhibit collagefinal

When Alessa told us to paint the things that we ate for breakfast, my initial reaction was, “Hala, I had a buffet breakfast! How would I paint all of those food?” Then I finally told myself, “ok, just choose those which are easier to paint” Hahaha! So I painted hot choco, rye, cheese, mushrooms, fruits, and omelet!

It was a fun watercolor crafternoon! I’m positive that this will be a start of more crafternoons to come! Thanks to the pretty and cool art teacher!

Me and Alessa

Me and Alessa


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    • Audrey
      February 10, 2013 at 11:45 am (9 years ago)

      Yes, fun indeed!


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