Enjoying Women’s Health

I’ve been reading Women’s Health Magazine for almost a year already and I would say that I was able to get a lot of information (and pointers) from said magazine.

When I saw the name of Lara Parpan as I checked my inbox few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised but at the same time, I asked myself, “Why would the wonderful triathlete and editor-in-chief of Women’s Health Philippines email me?” When I read that she was inviting me for lunch, I could not help but to be giddy! It would be nice to spend time with the people behind the prestigious magazine!

When I arrived at Slice (at the Superblock in BGC), I was welcomed by smiles from the writers and staff of Women’s Health Philippines. I was ushered to the function room where I met Lara together with the rest of the ladies. They are all pretty, intelligent, amiable, and passionate on their chosen fields! I was all the more surprised that one of the ladies flew in from Zamboanga City for that lunch! WOW!

We had an informal yet meaningful and stimulating discussion. I was amazed how easily I get comfortable with them! We shared insights, stories, and a lot of laughter!

Sumptuous food were served as we continue to chat and laugh!


Of course, said event won’t be complete without the photo session!

with Larissa

with the beautiful Larissa Joson (beauty and fashion assistant for Women’s Health PH)

with Lara

with the wonderful Lara Parpan

with WH people

with the rest of the ladies and gentleman of Women’s Health Philippines!!!                                                          (photo courtesy of Women’s Health)

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