The Many Facets of a Mother

“Mother’s Day” – a day intended as a tribute to mothers. When I was still a little girl, I usually make paper cards with my stick man drawings for mommy. My mom would adore it as one of the best art work that she ever saw. I might not fully grasp the weight of responsibility of being a mother but let me talk about the many facets my mother from a daughter’s point of view.

my mom during her younger years

my mom during her younger years


Mommy is my best teacher ever! She is my first teacher and because of her tons of patience, I started reading at the age of two. My mom gave me a positive outlook about school. She prepared me really well that I look forward to go to school. She taught me to respect my teachers and even the elderly. She inculcated values during my tender years. I remembered that I was really fascinated with chalks way back in nursery that I got a piece of my teacher’s chalk and brought it home. When my mom saw it in my pocket, she lovingly talked to me and explained to me that I did the wrong thing. She made me return that piece of red chalk to my teacher the following day. To my embarrassment, she made me apologize to my teacher and she did not even accompany me. That made me learned my lesson.


I am such a bibo kid! So “bibo” that when somebody asked if I could sing for a variety show, I voluntarily said “yes! I will sing for everybody!”. When my Dad told my Mom about it, my Mom’s face turned pale. She asked me, “Why did you volunteer?” I said, “they asked me if I could sing for them, so I said yes… It is just a variety show…” My mom told me, “Yes, a variety show, in a big auditorium, to be attended by some singers and artists.” Since she figured out that she cannot do anything about it but to help me, we headed straight to the music store to buy minus-one (napaghahalata ang edad). My mom started to make me memorize the lyrics. My Dad was the one who taught me how to hit the right note. Surprisingly, it was my mom who pushed me to practice and practice and practice.

The performance night came, my mom was seated at the front row. I think she was the most nervous person in that auditorium. I sang “If We Hold On Together”. After I sang, the crowd clapped… She welcomed me at the backstage and gave me a big hug. I was five years old then.


Whenever I perform on stage, may it be singing or dancing, my stage mother is always there smiling at me. After my performance she would always tell me, “Oh! You did great!”

I was already on my twenties then when I was asked to sing “The Prayer”. During the day of the show, I was having fever, colds, and cough (3-in-1 sickness).  My mom kept on visiting me in the backstage to give me warm water. She was more nervous than me! 🙂


My mom has a good taste when it comes to dress. She would deliberately tell me when she doesn’t like what I am wearing. She would add on accessories if she thinks my attire needs it and removes one if she thinks it is already flashy. She inspires me to look simple yet elegant – something that I still need to master until now.


My Mom is my best friend. I share my deepest secrets with her. She is also my mall-buddy, parlor-buddy, eating-buddy, etc. There was a time when my friend betrayed me and talked behind my back… it was my mom who was the most affected.

Being the only girl among three brothers, I always have my mom as my best buddy… 🙂


I wrote another blog entry in the past about my supermom. You might want to check it if you have the time.


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