Blogging while Waiting

Blogging while Waiting

I was asked to attend a seminar for this afternoon. While waiting for the seminar to start, I thought of making use of my time instead of being idle – good thing I can blog through my phone. ๐Ÿ™‚

I looked at the image projected on the screen, it states “Omnibus Rules”. Oh well, I hope that these technicalities would sink in my brain and that my neurons would embrace these pieces of information in my system (for future use).

These admin matters seemed to be taboo to me few years ago. Of course I know the term and I could somehow scratch the meaning of some terminologies but I didn’t know that there will come a time when I would try sit in a seminar and understand the deeper meaning of things like this.

It is another opportunity for me to learn and grow. I do get a little intimidated at times when I am exposed in new environment – learning new things. However, that intimidation is coupled with my eagerness to learn. I always remind myself ย “I am still young (ehem!) and full of life! I still have a lot of things to learn and possibilities to explore!” I hope that I will continue to have this mantra until my hair turns to gray (kahit uugod-ugod na ako young pa din at heart!).

I believe that people should continuously learn and strive to improve (hanggat may hininga).

Oh, this entry is starting to sound more of a ranting. Pagpasensyahan nyo na ang isang ‘batang’ babae na nilalamig habang naghihintay.

I’d better start reading the hand-outs to awaken my neurons.

Until next time!!!

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