Swimming Diaries: A Blunder and an Inspiration

In my last blog post, I talked about how I started my way back into swimming. As I write this post, I just woke up from a 2-hour sleep. I felt quite tired after the swimming training earlier. The session earlier was quite strenuous. Coach asked me to do 20 laps of freestyle swim before starting with backstroke. By the end of the session, I felt happily exhausted!

You might be curious why this post is entitled Swimming Diaries: A Blunder and an Inspiration. Let me start by narrating the blunder…

Okay… this is it! (*try not to laugh)

I was in a hurry when I put on my swimming cap and goggles this morning. Maybe I was excited to start the training or maybe I was just thinking that I don’t have to check myself in the mirror to see if I am physically attractive for the session. *big mistake! tsk, tsk, tsk! kasi naman di naman pagpapaganda lang ang gamit ng salamin! Salamin din paminsan-minsan! 

To cut this long rambling short, this is what happened. My swimming cap perfectly fits my head from half of my forehead to just above my nape. Since during that time, I was more mindful of my strokes than my looks, I continued with the training for two hours and didn’t adjust the cap to my hairline.

As I remove my swimming gear in the shower room, I was quite shocked when I saw what happened! Oh no!!!

This is how I looked! (try to look at my forehead!) So embarrassing!!!


Okay, you may laugh now… (haaaaaayyyyy……) Yeah, I know it is funny! hahaha! My sun-tanned skin is nicely done but my forehead!!! Grrr! My brothers kept on laughing whenever they look at me! Sigh! Lesson learned…

I was worried that I might look like a walking face-off character in a corporate attire at work! Ohhhhh nooooo! I don’t usually put on make-up but I think I need to put on concealer and foundation until my forehead would have the same color again! (hopefully soooooon!) tsk, tsk, tsk!

That was it! Sigh! I can’t still get over it! (AUDREY!!!! What have you done!)

Anyway, on a happier note, I think I’ll be more inspired to go to my training from now on. Why? Because my mom is with me! Yup!!! My mommy is also into swimming and her coach told me that she improved a lot! My mom overcame her fear of drowning! She just proven that each person could overcome their fears at the same time, learn and try something new! 🙂

a quick smile before the start of the training

a quick smile before the start of the training

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