Update Through a Rhyme

It has been quite sometime since I wrote some rhymes.

I was reminded of it with the sound of the chime.

As I listen to the rain and enjoy this relaxing time,

let me update you through this simple rhyme.

Some friends left me while others stayed by my side.

I tried to understand them and to positivity, I abide.

I didn’t speak ill of them although it hurts deep inside.

Then God healed the wound as He continues to guide.

God is so good to shower me His blessings.

He showered me with love and gifts that reached the ceiling.

He knows the things I need even though I am not asking.

I know that He wants me to continue on progressing.

Now I am happy with my life that is dainty.

Though it is not yet perfect, that’s a guarantee!

But just like a small seed that becomes a giant tree,

I will continue to grow to reach my destiny!

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