Poem for the Corrupt Officials

During the campaign period when you were pleading for the people’s vote

You enumerated promises to serve them, as you spoke on a higher note.

Now that you are in the position you don’t even bother to feel any loathe?

Because of the corruption wherein your evil pride continues to bloat!


While you enjoy yourselves with those money that are not yours

Have you ever thought of the people who can’t even pay their lessors?

While you dine and feast, and different countries you enthusiastically explore,

Have you thought of those poor tax payers that you callously ignore?


I am writing this rhyme because I am one of those dignified taxpayers,

Taxpayers who now witnessed the splendors of these political vultures.

Is it really more fun in the Philippines, is this really our political culture?

Now the people cry for change, we all had enough, that’s for sure!

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