Starting with Monday


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Right, right… I know… After a long weekend, it is quite difficult to rise up on a Monday and go to school/work. I can TOTALLY relate to it! I slept 7:30pm last night but when the alarm woke me up at 4am, oh… my whole body was telling me I STILL WANT TO SLEEP!!! but my brain told me, “RISE UP!!! IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE LATE AND BE CAUGHT IN HEAVY TRAFFIC…” The latter is more logical for me so I drag my body to the bathroom and let the warm water wake me up.

I arrived in the office extra early (which is good)! I did my morning routine – made my own coffee, read newspapers, answered my mails, and read the agenda for the day’s meeting.

I thought of some things to be happy so I can start my Monday in a happy mood. Other than my health, family, life, etc. I am also happy that Gilas won!!! Yahoo!!! I am not a basketball fan (I dont even know the rules) but I watched the Semi-Finals! I was screaming, and clapping specially during the last few minutes… to the point na nanalo na ang GILAS hindi ko pa alam! anobanamanyan hahaha! Oh… Nationalism among Filipinos was once again awaken!

Another thing that made me happy is CRONUT!!! Cronuts! Cronuts! Cronuts! I finally tasted the most sought after Cronuts of Wildflour! SA WAKAS!!!


When I had my bite of the cronut, I literally hum and danced sa sarap (buti nalang nasa room ako nun). The thin layers of flaky baked phyllo dough are yummy and crispy! Inside the glazed croissant doughnut are delicate folds, and in the middle it reveals light creamy custard *mouth-watering*. Hence, I ate and ate and ate until the cronuts disappeared… *burp* YUMMMM!!!!

Haaay… Happiness! 🙂 I know, I know… mababaw lang ang kaligayahan na yan but these simple joys perked me up and made me happy to start my week.

How did you start your week?

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