Back from CDO!

Allô? ¡Hola! Hello!

Yes! I’m back!!! 🙂 As what I’ve said in my previous post, September is busy month for me. Now, I’m glad that the ‘BUSYness’ is almost over and I am regaining my normal rhythm.

I had an out of town trip early September. I had an early (SUPER EARLY!!!) flight and I felt like a zombie walking in the airport at 3:00 in the morning.


As soon as we boarded the plane, I can feel that my body was already shouting for SLEEEEEEEP! So I slept until the pretty flight attendant woke me up to hand me my snacks. I also asked for a cup of coffee since I need the caffeine to perk me up for a long day ahead.

I always ask for the window seat whenever I have an out-of-town trip. Why? Because I always want to see the different cloud formations (up close and personal). 🙂



I used my phone in taking these pictures hence, the quality is not that nice.

Upon arrival, I can’t help but notice how clean Cagayan de Oro is!

Helen is enjoying the view

Helen is enjoying the view

The airport is 45-60 minutes away from the City hence, when we arrived in the hotel we were so hungry…

hotelDuring the evening, we went to Centrio Ayala Mall for dinner. I was quite surprise that they have an Ayala Mall in the City and it is really nice!

We decided to go to Bigby’s for dinner.


photo by Melissa

When we passed by JCo, we were surprised that there were just three people who were lining up (unlike here in Manila na box office ang dating!)


Ergo, we bought doughnuts for our second dessert (kahit mga busog na kami).


One of the things that I also enjoyed in this trip is the fruit festival! For two consecutive nights, Vibal Publishing House invited us for a fruit banquet!


The mangosteen is just so yummy and the lanzones from Camiguin is mouth-watering. They also asked me to taste the durian…


Since I am not a durian-eater I just got one small seed. The taste (minus the smell) is actually good. It is just that the aroma of this fruit is so overpowering! Nonetheless, I enjoyed the experience!

Since it was so busy the entire conference, I wasn’t able to tour the city. Hence on our last night, Ate Helen and I went to Limketkai Center for dinner. We ended up in Gloria Maris.

ij k

The next day, we went to the airport extra-early since the X-ray machine of the CDO airport is not functioning. Hence, we need to go through the mano-mano method.

It was a tiring yet a rewarding experience! I’ll talk more about the convention in my succeeding posts.

Because of the successful convention, we were all smiling as we boarded the plane bound to Manila.


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