Disconnect to Connect

We are all living in a hyper-connected world. The technology that we enjoy right now was not even in existence a decade ago. Connecting with work, people, and leisure is as easy as pressing a button in your laptop or tapping the screen of your cellphone or Ipad. However, the downside of this hyper-connectivity is we tend to connect too much using these gadgets that we unconsciously disconnect ourselves with the real communication – the one that is important in every relationship.

I am guilty of this in one way or another and I hope to correct this mistake. The situation that I observed earlier made me reflect which eventually inspired me to write this entry.

I was waiting in the dentist’s clinic earlier, a family of five came (Father, Mother and 3 children). Right after they sat down, the mother brought out her ipad and started playing while the father took the iphone from his pocket and started reading. After quite sometime, another mother with her son arrived. As soon as they sat down, the mother took the ipad from her bag and started playing. The son on the other hand played with his own gadget. This situation made me think. They could have spent that time talking with each other, instead, they chose to connect with their gadgets and disconnect with their love ones.

Let me share with you a video that I saw in youtube.

Technology is not bad. In fact, it helps us improve our lives by making things easier. Just imagine if we still rely on snail-mail rather than email. However, it is the wrong use of technology that we need to be mindful of.

There is a time for everything.

A time to work, and a time to rest.

A time to play our favorite games and a time to stop playing.

A time to connect with people online, and a time to log-off and disconnect.

We need to set aside time to disconnect in order for us to re-connect with our family, friends, and love ones.

Let us strike the right balance… understand when to disconnect in order for us to connect!

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