Simple Sunday

For months now, I’ve been spending my Sunday morning in the pool for training. However,  for today, I decided to rest and stay at home. It’s nice to be able to sleep until 6:00 am and spend more time lying down than rushing to the bathroom to prepare for work.

I was able to clean the room, read for leisure and paint. Such a wonderful feeling!

For lunch, mom prepared T-bone steak. (T-bone! T-bone! Shalalalala… T-bone! T-bone!) It was nicely grilled and really delicious! We spent an additional hour just talking and updating.

After the extended lunch, I continued painting then after an around two hours, I took a nap.

After our afternoon snacks, Mom and I decided to head to the gym to burn some calories. Since the gym is located inside the mall, we went to the supermarket after our workout to buy some groceries.

A nice family dinner capped our night.

It was just a simple Sunday, but I enjoyed this laid back phase for now.

I am in bed as I write this post and I could say that I am ready for another workweek!

Have an enjoyable week everyone! 🙂

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