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When was the last time you arranged a jigsaw puzzle? I could still remember the first 100-piece puzzle that was given to me as a gift a number of years ago. It seems like eternity before I finished arranging it! I arranged and re-arranged that puzzle couple of times until finally got tired of it.  Never did I imagine that there exists a person who arranged jigsaw puzzles every night. Yes! You read it right!!! Every night!!! That is her form of relaxation… Wow! She made her hobby into something world class that Filipinos could certainly be proud of.

The Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay housed the record-breaking 1,028 puzzle collection of Gina Gil Lacuna.


Upon entering the museum, you’ll be amazed by the number of puzzles surrounding you!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the wonderful jigsaw collections in the Puzzle Mansion:

onep eighteenp eightp fivep fourp

Spherical jigsaw puzzles! One of the staff removed one of the pieces and showed me that it is hollow inside. Woah! I was quite scared that the entire puzzle ball would collapse – I have no idea how long will it take for me to arrange it again!

circle puzzle

threep fifteenp ninep sevenp sixpThis whole kaboodle of puzzles is too good to be true! It makes me giddy!!!

twelvep sixteenp

You could also see 3D Puzzles! Again, the staff removed one piece of the puzzle and showed us that these pieces of artwork are detachable!

twentytwop twentyonep


Just look at the 3D hot air balloon and Snow White puzzle!!!

the Spiderman and Wolf jigsaw puzzles are equally amazing!!!

the Spiderman and Wolf jigsaw puzzles are equally amazing!!!

Sorry if I’m flooding this blog post with pictures but this place is so amazing!


with the famous Monalisa painting

with the famous Monalisa painting

twentysixp twentysevenp

…and the popular photo-op for the guests holding the Guinness World Record certificate!


The long drive to the Puzzle Mansion is worth it! It is a must see once you visit Tagaytay!


The Puzzle Mansion

Purok 4 Cuadra St. Barangay Asisan, Tagaytay City, Philippines

Telephone: +632 661 0019

Email: puzzlemansion@gmail.com

Website: http://thepuzzlemansion.com


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