I’m twenTEEN eight!!!

Last week, I turned 28… Oh yeah! I’m twenTEEN eight! How time flies! Although I don’t mind adding one to my age since the past 12 months is such an experience. Looking back, I can’t help but to be grateful for all the blessings!

Of course it was not a full blissful ride. (How can you fully appreciate happiness if you never experienced sadness?) There were rough times but eventually, all things worked together for good.

I spent my first day of being twenty eight in the office. It was a busy day! I went in and out of the office with my boss a number of times. When we returned in the office, my officemates ordered pizza for me! (awww… how sweet!) Then my boss bought me a nice cheesecake! Such a nicey-nice simple and busy work day for me… 🙂


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