What’s Hidden Inside?


Since it is vacation and I have more time to do things that aren’t work-related, I decided to make this post a little more personal.

I usually bring a nice office bag for work which is big enough to carry my stuff. However, during days that I won’t be required to be in business attire, I carry a casual tote bag. I always wonder how some people could fit the things that they need inside a small bag.

I try to bring essentials that would help me last through the day (until night). I divided my things into five categories for the sake of presentation. So here it is! Take a peek inside my bag!

1. Wallets and Coin Purse


I have two wallets – one is for the bills that I regularly need to pay and other one is for my daily expenses. (I know! Quite OC) I just like to separate my money intended for monthly bills to avoid spending it for other things. Then, all my coins goes to my purse.

2. Organizers, Notebook and Pen

with planner

My planner is always present so I could jot down appointments when needed and browse through it to remind me of some things.

I got my black cloth organizer when I bought one of my wallets in Marithé François Girbaud. Since I want to put it into good use, I placed all my bills to be paid inside. I’ve been using it as bills organizer since.

I also have a small organizer for my cards. It is handy enough to be placed in my bag.

Of course, my handy-dandy notebook and sign pen is a must. I could easily scribble things while waiting – putting my time into good use.

3. Grooming Essentials


For my grooming essentials, I have some staples – my hardworkers. For my face and lips, I use hydrating powder from Happy Skin (it does wonders!), Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, Benefit ultra plush lip gloss, and the Body Shop stain.

I also bring my hand and nail cream from Marks & Spencers, my Burberry spray and hair brush.

4. Phone and its accessories


Of course, one of the most important things to bring is my phone. It is essential to have a phone nowadays. I also bring my phone charger, earphones, and powerbank!

 5. Keys, Flash disk, and Envirosax


I bring with me my keys. Ever since they installed an auto-lock in our gate, no one could enter without the keys (unless you use your phone to call someone to open the gate for you).

I also bring flash disks (I know it’s kinda old fashion) to store some files and my reliable Envirosax  if ever I need to pass by the supermarket on my way home.

So, that’s it! You’ve just seen the things inside my bag. How about you? What do you usually bring in your bag?

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