ZerotoHero 2: What’s in the Name?

If taken literally, a name is just a group or arrangement of different letters in the alphabet. However, there is more in the name than mere arrangement of letters. Do you believe that a name has an effect/influence to people? If that’s the case, it is important.

When I was thinking of a name for this blog, I decided that I want it to be up-close and personal. Of course I had thought of naming it as “BEAUTIFUL AND FANTASTIC AUDREY” or “THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME BLOG!” (just kidding!!!) Seriously, I asked myself, what will I write in this blog? As what I’ve told you in my previous posts, this blog started out as a keeper of my poems. Hence, it is all about my sentiments – where my heart speaks through poetry.

From being contained in the premises of poetry, I started to explore more genres until I started writing about personal things, experiences, and adventures. This blog has become my oasis – where I can relax and refresh myself through writing – hence, sentiments from the heart continues to live, learn, explore, and inspire.

What’s in the Name? It is a bird’s eye-view of the person and the blog that you’re about to read and explore! ๐Ÿ™‚

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