ZerotoHero 6: New Element

This is the first time that I’ll give a review of my week through instagram pictures. Thanks to today’s zero to hero challenge, I was forced (just kidding!) encouraged to inject a new element in this blog. Since it is still Wednesday (in the Philippines) as I write this post, let me show you some photos that I uploaded in instagram in the past three days.

Oh, why is it difficult to wake up sooooo early for work after two weeks of slacking around. I arrived in the office and these colorful papers welcomed me with glee! Adding a kick of arts and crafts in the seriousness of my job is such a delight!

[instagram url=]

What is more nice than to work in a neat and organized desk!

[instagram url=]

After working for several hours, this bottle was a welcomed treat to perk me up with happiness and glee!

[instagram url=]

It is such a mystery how a simple bouquet of flowers could lighten up the entire room!

[instagram url=]

Those are just some of the simple things that added spice to my first three days of the week!

This new element is such a delight! I might use more of this in my succeeding entries!

Have a nice week everyone!

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